Urban Storm 2 - Talisay Invasion

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Urban Storm 2 - Talisay Invasion

Post  xtian on Wed Aug 13, 2008 7:43 pm

August 13, 2008

Manoy’s and Manang’s,


We the members of Crack Legion would like to formally invite your team to join on another exciting airsoft tournament and exchange bb’s with other groups this Oct. 4&5, 2008 dubbed as the “Urban Storm 2 – Talisay Invasion” Airsoft Tournament at Biasong, Talisay City, Cebu. This airsoft tournament serves as one of the activities in the city’s “kalingawan events” leading to the Feast of St. Therese de Avila. This event would foster Camaraderie, Fellowship and Sportsmanship among fellow airsofters.

- 21 man Team (Maximum 5 reserves)
- Reserve players will pay “Nothing”, they will not get the free t-shirt either.
- Limited Team Slots. First 10 teams to confirm gets in.
- Not a Speed Ball game. Tactics will be Key, not speed.
- 10 minutes per game.
- Registration is P500.00 per player.
- Free T-Shirt.
- Foods and Refreshments will be available at the site.
- Special awards will be given away

Deadline of team confirmation will be on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008 of which 50% or
P5, 250, Non Refundable, will be collected. Full Payment will be collected on or before Saturday, October 4, 2008. Please give your payments to ”Akhbar” at the Bunker Airsoft Shop at N. Bacalso Hi-Way road or contact the following persons below to arrange a pickup of your payments.

Your team’s presence would surely make this tournament an exciting one and will help us achieve the success of “Urban Storm 2 – Talisay Invasion”.

Thank You and More Power,

Crack Legion

For more details, please contact the following Manoy’s:
Christian (0923)899-1398
Akhbar (0923)545-1936
Joknoy (0923)846-4784
Ramon (0910)874-4377
Philip (0922)489-1351
Cielo 262-3474


The year is 1999, an Army Intelligence Captain has been assigned the tricky task of eliminating with extreme prejudice a wayward decorated war hero, General Kurtz, who has gone AWOL and is now lording over a bunch of natives and ex-armies loyal to him in the jungle.

Kurtz's headquarters is codenamed “Talisay”. To make your mission more complicated, Kurtz has been described as a brilliant ex-Green Beret colonel of heroic proportions.
To gauge the level of Kurtz's madness, here's an extract of his mental imaginings aloud:

"I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That's my dream, it's my nightmare. Crawling, slipping along the edge of a straight razor and surviving....But we must kill them, we must incinerate them, pig after pig, cow after cow, village after village, army after army, and they call me an assassin. What do you call it when the assassins accuse the assassin? They lie. They lie and we have to be merciful for those who lie, for those nabobs. I hate them. I do hate them."

It is a gloomy path that is filled with unspoken shadows of doom. You can't wake up from it. You can't escape it. It eats at you and the pain is eternal.

That my friend, is what that is hinted of Kurtz's condition. He has embarked on this treacherous journey and got lost along the way.

He woke up, completely absorbed over on the Dark Side and you are screaming every minute of your waking hour.

Mission – Talisay Invasion

Your Captain will take with him 20 of his best men to invade the Camp codenamed “Talisay” and capture General Kurtz and take him to your base, but before you do so, you must first raise the flag at the top of Kurtz’s hideout to signify that the camp is now liberated.

100 pts will be awarded to the team who successfully raises the flag.
200 pts for successfully capturing and bringing the General back to their base.

Godspeed to you all.

Urban Storm 2 – Talisay Invasion
Venue: Biasong, Talisay City, Cebu
Date: October 4-5, 2008

Rules and Regulations:
21 man team
10 minutes per game
FPS Limit: 450 fps
No Gas rifles allowed. Gas Pistols OK.

Safety First:
• Consider every gun is loaded
• Do not flaunt or show your gun in public or outside the game site
• Never point the gun to anybody or anything you do not intend to shoot
• Do not fire at public structures
• No goggles or mask, No play
• Keep your finger off the trigger until you fire

Player’s allowed methods of getting Hit
• Any part of the body and clothing, i.e.; vest, pant, shirt, pads, hair, fingernails is considered hit
• Friendly fire
• Knife Kill (must be carrying an Airsoft weapon, when tapping players)
• Two players on point blank will be a DRAW, both will be eliminated
• No ricochets

Player’s Guidelines
• Hit players to acknowledge by shouting HIT, DEAD or OUT
• After being acknowledge as HIT remove the magazine out from you gun and raise your gun and arm over your head while going out of the playing field
• Run out of the playing field, do not just walk to avoid getting unnecessary hits
• Tell your team leader right away after the game for any grievances
• Immediately stop shooting at players that are already hit
• Respect one another as persons and as combatants

Marshall’s Decision is FINAL.

Yellow Card Violation 20 pts. deduction
• Hit calling the opponent
• Swearing or the use of profane language to a player and marshal
• Ignoring marshals call
• Using human shield, both players and marshal
• Refusal to get out of the game after being hit.
• Airsoft guns chrono’d at more than the limit of 450fps
• Hiding behind hit players or Marshals
• Wearing or Using of any White Apparel or Clothing

Red Card Violation 50 pts. deduction
• Overkill (firing more than 3 seconds) at an already hit player
• Intentional hitting/firing at marshal
• Arguing with marshals while the game is still ongoing
• Ignoring marshals call of yellow card
• Playing without safety goggles or mask
• Using of any form of electronic communication devices
• Coaching:
- From Dead or Hit Players
- Including from Non Playing members of the team
• Blind Firing:
- Firing at anything without looking
- Firing at an opponent while looking through a hole
- Firing without a direct line of sight of the opponent

Black card (expulsion from the tournament) 100 pts. deduction
• Possession of real Firearms. Police will be notified.
• Players under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol
• Grabbing or Holding an opponents Gun or any part of the body during an ongoing game
• Enticing, Provoking or Starting a fist fight with either player or marshal
• Continuing to play even after declared red card
• Shooting over the fence or wall of the premises.

Staging Rules:
1. The chief marshal will be giving the participants the time schedules for each team to play.
2. While a game is started, the next team scheduled should go to the staging area for chrono.

* Rules are subject to change w/o prior notice *

Airsoft Basic Safety Rules

1. Gun Rules
1. Treat the guns as if these are real.
2. Consider every gun to be loaded, as such point these down to the ground or up at the ceiling.
3. Never point the gun at anyone/anything you do not intend to shoot.
4. Keep your fingers off from the trigger until you are going to fire.
5. Be careful about what is beside or behind your target.

2. Basic Safety
1. No Real Steel Firearms or Weapons allowed
2. Wear your safety goggles at all times when in the playing zone. No goggles, No play.
3. No one is allowed play under the influence of alcohol or drugs
4. Avoid shooting anyone within 10 feet or approximately 3 meters. (See surrender below.)
5. Avoid headshots whenever possible.
6. Put your weapons on safety and remove the magazine when outside the playing area.
7. If a player is seriously injured during play, call a “cease-fire” or ask a marshal to call “cease-fire”.
8. Tests fire your weapons only in the designated testing area.
9. Stop shooting immediately when the player acknowledges the hit.
10. Avoid hitting “dead men” as they exit the playing field.
11. Stop shooting when “GAME OVER” or a “CEASE-FIRE” is called.
12. No shooting in the presence of civilians (See civilians below).
13. No throwing of rocks or debris. You may injure someone inadvertently.
14. No climbing outside the playing area. You may injure yourself (fatally).

Conduct of Play

3 Game Control
1. The organizer and the duly designated marshals/MPs control the game play. They decide the type of game, the play area, when the game starts, and when the game ends.
2. Marshals shall, from time to time, rule players as “hit” or “out of bounds”.
3. If a marshal makes a ruling, it is final. That includes the determination of the adequacy of your safety equipment.
4. All newbie’s must attend the Safety Rules and Conduct of Play Briefing before being allowed to play.
5. The organizer reserves the right to refuse players into games from violation of any of the rules of Safety or Conduct.

4 One Hit Elimination
1. One hit eliminates a player from the game.
2. A direct hit on any part of the body, including clothing being worn, combat vests, backpacks, canteens or any other gear directly connected to your body is considered a valid hit.
3. Direct hits on head gear being worn or directly held by the player also warrants elimination. Exception is if a prop or some other device is supporting the headgear.
4. Gun hits do not count.
5. Shots that go through or penetrate cover is also considered a direct hit.
6. Shots that ricochet or bounce off other objects/players are not considered hits.
7. Knife kills count as hits (See knife kills below).
8. Friendly Fire counts as hits.

5 No hit calling.
1. A shooter cannot declare another player as hit.
2. A hit player must acknowledge the hit by calling out “HIT”, “DEAD” or “OUT” at least three times.
3. After acknowledging the hit, you must raise your gun over your head and proceed immediately to the Neutral Zone.
4. When trying to exit during a firefight, the “hit” player must continue holding his/her weapon above her head and shout “DEAD MAN COMING OUT!”

6 No Hostages
1. A player cannot hide behind a “dead” player, a marshal, or other
2. No engagements near delicate or valuable property

7 No holding or grappling
1. No rough physical contact between players
2. No holding on to your opponent or opponent’s gun

8 Surrender
1. When the target is within 10 feet and obviously without cover, ask them to surrender.
2. If they do not immediately announce “surrender” or they move suddenly, as if to evade or fight back, you may open fire.
3. However in connection with 8.2, open firing at point blank range may be at single fire or a short burst will do especially at CQC/CQB Scenario.

9 Knife Kill
1. Is a way of eliminating your opponent when in close proximity. Its advantage over calling for surrender is that it is silent.
2. A knife kill occurs when a player “taps” the opponent on any part of his body. When that happens the opponent is considered “dead”.
3. “Knife killed” opponent does not announce that he/she is “hit”, but raises his/her weapon over his/her head and proceeds out of the play area like any “hit” player.

10 No time outs
1. You cannot call time out or cease-fire if your weapon is malfunctioning or the player is reloading.
2. Such malfunctions must be overcome in the field. If a player opts to go to the neutral zone to correct the malfunction, that player is considered “dead” and is out of play.

11 Dead men tell no tales.
1. If you are already hit, you are not allowed to speak to other players still playing.
2. No coaching is allowed.

12 Civilians
1. Civilians are all people not involved in the airsoft game.
2. If a civilian enters the play area, you are responsible to call for a cease-fire and inform all other players in the area that a civilian is passing through.
3. After the civilian has passed your position, call “civilian clear”.
4. When all the players in your area have called “civilian clear”, you may mutually resume game play.
5. If a marshal is around, the marshal shall be the one to declare the restart of game play.

13 Observe proper decorum
1. Be courteous
2. No swearing. No cursing.

Conduct outside the game site:

14 Do not display your airsoft gun in public.
1. Your gun may be a toy, but it looks real. Because of this, care must be taken in handling it in public. There have been many incidents in the past wherein police have been called in because of the presence of "armed men". Please apply common sense.
2. Display of an airsoft gun is illegal under Letter of Instruction 1264.Under LOI1264, it is illegal to manufacture, import, distribute, sell or display "certain types" of toy guns. Airsoft guns have consistently been included as part of those "certain types". However, ownership or possession is not illegal, per se, just as long as it is not displayed to the public. Worse case is the authorities will confiscate the airsoft gun, but they cannot arrest you for possession.

15 Do not wear Battle Dress Uniform (BDU)/Fatigues in Public.
1. It attracts unwarranted attention and can also lead to people calling in the police. It may also be considered a violation of Usurpation of Authority clause of Article 11, Section 1, Chapter 2, Title 4 of the Revised Penal Code, particularly if someone mistakes you for being military or police for wearing BDU or Fatigues.

16 Do not play in full view of the Public
1. Playing in full view of the public not only displays yourself in BDUs/ACUs and your weapons, but may also create an illusion that there is some disturbance, illegal militia training or terrorist activity going on. If you do insist on playing in view of the public, don't be surprised if the police or military raids you.

*The rules above are subject to change without any prior notices.


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Re: Urban Storm 2 - Talisay Invasion

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:08 pm

thank you for this announcement sir, ill relay this to my teamates and team leader.

HOAH !!!


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